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In spring, Japan experiences a rapid succession of stunning blooms: the cherry blossoms, the azaleas, and right in between the peonies, botan (ぼたん) in Japanese. In Ueno Park, right next to Toshogu Shrine, there is a garden devoted to peonies only. The peonies are in bloom from early April to early May.
Also in Europe, we have peonies, but they come mostly just in red and are not a very big deal. In Japan, they come cabbage sized (a phenomenon similar to the chrysanthemums) and in all shades from white to deep red, some even with two-colored petals. While the peonies may be a matter of taste, the garden itself is very pretty. Surrounded by tall trees and the stone lanterns of Toshogu Shrine, it breathes a serene and calm atmosphere. The peonies are shaded by picturesque paper umbrellas and red benches invite for contemplation. All in all, the peony garden is an ideal destination for a short stroll on a beautiful spring day.

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Lotus Love
I have written about Ueno Park already a while ago. But this is the time of year when it’s definitely worth returning. The Lotus bloom should not be missed. The big single blossoms that grow from this sea of green leaves are extraordinary. (more…)

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Yes, now it has started. This is the first weekend with the Tokyo cherry trees in bloom. And everybody has to have a part in it. Even if the trees are not yet all in full bloom, even if there are some clouds in the sky and the wind is really chilly, Ueno Park is packed already before noon.
Ueno Park in Bloom (more…)

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上野公園 – Ueno Park

With good weather this weekend (still up to 20 degrees Celsius in the afternoon), we continued our explorations of Tokyo. This time, we went to Ueno Park. It is located in the North-West of town and one of the largest parks in Tokyo. In spring it is a popular cherry blossoms viewing spot. It is full of museums, contains several temples and shrines, a zoo and a big pond. The museums we saved up for a rainy day and focused more on he outdoors part. Its overall look reminded me a bit of Central Park in New York. A big piece of green in the middle of a busy town.


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