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After more than two and a half weeks in the country, let me sketch a short summary of our experience. I also try to provide some advice for others planning to go on a similar trip.


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“Traveling through Russia is so depressing that you should bring a bottle of vodka with you”. This we were told before starting our trip, and no, this couldn’t be further away from truth. What is true, on the other hand, is that most of the fun on the train doesn’t come from the landscape (which still has its own beauty – at least during this season). What makes the journey interesting are mainly the people you meet. Some of those we met spoke English, most of them not. I’m only sorry my Russian is completely non-existent and I have to keep asking Susanne for translations. For the moment being, we always travelled in four-berth compartments, which inevitably creates some sort of intimacy with the other passengers. And they definitely like to chat. A children’s tale we were told goes as follows. A father and a son are travelling very far. The child is getting bored because he doesn’t know what to do and asks his dad to make the way shorter. To which he answers “this is not a problem: just start to tell a story and we will arrive earlier”. Which is of course true.

One of our encounters has been more special than the others. Well, I guess that special is not the right word. I should rather say surrealistic. (more…)

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