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Panda Mania

Even before the giant pandas Li Li and Shin Shin arrived at Ueno Zoo last year, the zoo’s surroundings went into a panda craze from which they have not yet recovered. What could suit the Japanese better than the giant panda, the epitome of cuteness in the animal realm? One could almost say that looking at all the panda themed things is more fun than seeing the pandas themselves, at least when all they do is sleep like during our visit.


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Ueno Zoo

Li Li getting some much needed rest.

This weekend, we finally visited Ueno Zoo, or, more importantly, its giant pandas. It turned out, however, that this was not a good way of looking at the outing. When the two new pandas arrived from China more than a year ago, Tokyo went into a bit of a panda craze. It was the news of the moment, and all around Ueno panda decorations exploded. We thought it wise to wait for the first rush to see Li Li and Shin Shin to abate, and then ended up not going. But after having enjoyed so much seeing the pandas in Hong Kong last year, we had to remedy this omission. We managed to arrive before the biggest crowds (a weekend day is not an ideal choice), but of course everyone immediately threw themselves into the queue to see the pandas. (more…)

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