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Cafe de Miki - Kitty pancake After having gone to one of Japan’s iconic character cafes in Kyoto (the Hello Kitty tea house), we once more paid our respects to Hello Kitty. In the Diver City mall on Odaiba, there is the Cafe de Miki, a British style Hello Kitty Cafe. The British theme is reflected in the decor and also the menu items (a high tea set is on offer). A huge and very sparkling Hello Kitty receives the guests at the entrance and large Kitty plushies are ready to keep them company at the table. Cafe de Miki (more…)


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Gundam Revisited

gundam-odaiba3-reffert We’ve gone to see the 18m tall Gundam back in 2009 when it was first put up in Odaiba. But after reading that it will be taken away in March, we felt compelled to visit it another time. While it can only light up and turn its head, it is nonetheless an impressive sight. So if you’re heading to Odaiba in the next two months, take the chance to pay your respects! (more…)

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Rainbow Bridge and Central Tokyo as seen from Daiba

Another of those striking clear November days, another visit to the Hama Rikyu Garden (浜離宮恩賜庭園). A short walk away from Shimbashi station and directly bordering Tokyo Bay, it is a garden of urban contrasts. The skyline of the ultra-modern Shiodome district forms the backdrop for the well-groomed Japanese trees, and the traditional tea house in the tidal pond. The tea house can be reached via a wooden zig-zag bridge. From there, one can look out over the pond and the bay, sniffing the sea breeze, drinking matcha and enjoying a sweet. It even sports a dry landscape type Zen garden. I guess the Shogun Tokugawa did not quite envision this type of borrowed scenery…. (more…)

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After more than six weeks’ free time dedicated exclusively to furnishing our new flat, punctuated only by brief visits to the temple grounds and their surroundings in our neighborhood, we finally did another bit of Tokyo sightseeing. This time we were headed towards the port district, a convenient subway ride on the Ginza line (which has a stop 5 minutes from our house) away. Since we felt like seeing a bit of green for a change, we went to see the famous Edo period Hama-rikyu landscape gardens.
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