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A while ago, I ran a post on Japanese Sweets which turned out quite popular. So during our last stay in Japan, I made it my duty to “research” the topic more thoroughly (which, given my sweet tooth and my general appreciation for Japanese sweets, wasn’t such a very big sacrifice). Also in taking pictures of my food, I was in good company in Japan, since it’s essentially the standard thing to do when eating out.
Looking at the pictures I took, it seems the main property of Japanese sweets is that they’re green. What kind of desert would it be without matcha flavor? (more…)


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Uji-style ice shavings

Traditional Japanese sweets are quite different from what the Western taste is used to. They are mostly made of tea, rice and beans, not exactly things we’d associate with a dessert. Other common flavors are (white or black) sesame. Not only the ingredients are unusual, also the consistency: it’s often either rubbery or gelatinous. (more…)

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