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Japanese-cookie-shapes The holiday season is approaching and of course I am baking Christmas cookies with my little daughter (pictured above “Mailänderli”). Thanks to The Daiso, we also have a number of non-traditional shapes in our set… You can’t make your cookies too cute, right?


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Kawaii! (II)

Disaster Prevention Day

Already a while ago, I wrote about the raging cuteness in Japan. I continue to be impressed by it and there are so many fun examples which I don’t want to keep from my readership… so here I go again, kawaii! or cute, part II.
Everyone knows that Japan is the cradle of many a cute character, such as the iconic Hello Kitty for example. The cell phone of every child, woman or man is adorned by at least one (but often even a bunch of) cute phone straps featuring them. But cuteness is not confined to private life, in Japan it also plays an important role in public life. (more…)

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Kawaii means cute, and cuteness rules Japan. Earthquake WarningHello Kitty, in Japan referred to as Kitty-chan (-chan being an endearing suffix, used e.g. for small girls) is just the tip of the iceberg.
Everything has cute mascots in Japan, even government agencies. Even serious matters are preferably communicated by a cute character. This seems a bit surprising to us, but it is surely entertaining. Let me give a few examples I personally encountered. There’s the fish warning of earthquakes. Another example is the cat that is informing about sexual harassment at Tokyo University (every employee received a little card like this). (more…)

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