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Cafe de Miki - Kitty pancake After having gone to one of Japan’s iconic character cafes in Kyoto (the Hello Kitty tea house), we once more paid our respects to Hello Kitty. In the Diver City mall on Odaiba, there is the Cafe de Miki, a British style Hello Kitty Cafe. The British theme is reflected in the decor and also the menu items (a high tea set is on offer). A huge and very sparkling Hello Kitty receives the guests at the entrance and large Kitty plushies are ready to keep them company at the table. Cafe de Miki (more…)


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Kitty Japanese garden - Hello Kitty greeting the customers

Kitty Japanese garden – Hello Kitty greeting the customers

Kyoto is not all austere temples and shrines of historic importance. Japan’s pop-culture is part and parcel of it all. One of its outgrowths are character cafes. In Kyoto’s old town, there is a traditionally styled tea house, with a small Japanese garden to look at, and macha on the menu. The only difference to its many cousins is that it’s a Hello Kitty Cafe, where everything is Kitty-themed down to the smallest detail. And if you’re feeling lonely, you can sit next to a life-size Hello Kitty plushie.
Styled to the last detail

Styled to the last detail


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Things Japanese XV

Another thing that is typically Japanese are the Hello Kitty souvenirs: each town or even part of town (if it’s half interesting touristically) has its own (or several different) Hello Kitty phone straps. Kitty usually impersonates the specialty of the town: a typical dish, a landmark, a castle, a historical personality, you name it. They are usually very cute and funny.
Recently, I came across the one of Kita-Senju (北千住), a Tokyo suburb. And guess what Kitty-chan was? Answer: a cloud of industrial smoke! I mean, wow! This place claims to have nothing but industrial pollution, so that’s what they put on their souvenirs? I was impressed, of course I bought it right away!

P.S. For those who are worried, I pass every day by train through Kita-Senju, and no, it does not look like this. The industrial smoke must be a thing of the past.

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