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After paying our respects to the giant Unicorn Gundam on Odaiba in January, we had also visited The Gundam Base, where an enormous variety of Gunpla Model Kits are on sale. While not generally model kit aficionados, we still felt compelled to get something. The bar of entry is set low, as the cheapest and simplest kits that just snap together and require neither glue nor color can be got for just a few hundred yen (i.e. a few $/EUR). We got two of the simplest ones for the kids, which have moveable limbs, but for example no knee joints. For myself, I splurged on the next level, which came to about 7$.

The unopened Gunpla model kit of Wing Gundam Zero.



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Gundam Revisited

gundam-odaiba3-reffert We’ve gone to see the 18m tall Gundam back in 2009 when it was first put up in Odaiba. But after reading that it will be taken away in March, we felt compelled to visit it another time. While it can only light up and turn its head, it is nonetheless an impressive sight. So if you’re heading to Odaiba in the next two months, take the chance to pay your respects! (more…)

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