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After the beautiful January, February had turned out rather cold and dreary. Twice, there has even been some snow cover, something which had never happened last winter. This was not taken well by everyone. But the cherry was not disturbed and blossomed beautifully, and now it’s the turn of the pink peach blossoms (which sadly keep getting rained on). (more…)


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090805090330 My garden has recently seen some setbacks.
Of course, after one month away, it was in a so-so state. This was to be expected. Some plants had died, some had grown very large and out of proportion, and some of the herbs had bolted and started flowering. The clematis had suffered considerably, but the morning glory had gone a long way in climbing up the lattice and producing flowers on a daily basis. Due to humidity, my Zinnias and Cosmos were suffering of powdery mildew, yet they kept growing new flowers. But with regular watering, cutting and planting a few new flowering plants, the garden was recovering.

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