Cafe de Miki - Kitty pancake After having gone to one of Japan’s iconic character cafes in Kyoto (the Hello Kitty tea house), we once more paid our respects to Hello Kitty. In the Diver City mall on Odaiba, there is the Cafe de Miki, a British style Hello Kitty Cafe. The British theme is reflected in the decor and also the menu items (a high tea set is on offer). A huge and very sparkling Hello Kitty receives the guests at the entrance and large Kitty plushies are ready to keep them company at the table. Cafe de Miki Continue Reading »


Gundam Revisited

gundam-odaiba3-reffert We’ve gone to see the 18m tall Gundam back in 2009 when it was first put up in Odaiba. But after reading that it will be taken away in March, we felt compelled to visit it another time. While it can only light up and turn its head, it is nonetheless an impressive sight. So if you’re heading to Odaiba in the next two months, take the chance to pay your respects! Continue Reading »

sake-barrel-rooster-reffert Happy New Year to everyone! We have again managed to secure our by now customary tenugui of the year and barrel-shaped sake bottle! We are back in Japan, just in time for the New Year – more posts to come soon!

The best of both worlds

Japanese-cookie-shapes The holiday season is approaching and of course I am baking Christmas cookies with my little daughter (pictured above “Mailänderli”). Thanks to The Daiso, we also have a number of non-traditional shapes in our set… You can’t make your cookies too cute, right?

The Garden of Nezu Museum

tokyo-nezu-museum-pond-reffert Just off of one of the fanciest shopping streets in Tokyo’s Omotesando, Nezu Museum is located. But it’s more than an art museum. Behind it, it hides one of the most amazing Japanese gardens of the metropolis, dark with leafy green and quiet ponds. The contrast to the modern and fashionable Omotesando could not be bigger. tokyo-nezu-museum-garden-reffert Continue Reading »

A Taste of Summer

Japanese-sweets-summer-theme-Reffert In Japan, many things are seasonally themed. One of the things we have taken home with us are these beautiful sweets from Kyoto – all with a summer design such as the morning glory, the gold fish and the sun flower. A feast for the eyes and a fleeting reminiscence of summer in Japan.

Kitty Japanese garden - Hello Kitty greeting the customers

Kitty Japanese garden – Hello Kitty greeting the customers

Kyoto is not all austere temples and shrines of historic importance. Japan’s pop-culture is part and parcel of it all. One of its outgrowths are character cafes. In Kyoto’s old town, there is a traditionally styled tea house, with a small Japanese garden to look at, and macha on the menu. The only difference to its many cousins is that it’s a Hello Kitty Cafe, where everything is Kitty-themed down to the smallest detail. And if you’re feeling lonely, you can sit next to a life-size Hello Kitty plushie.
Styled to the last detail

Styled to the last detail

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