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Green Tokyo (11) - Statue Collection

This example, also found in our Taito neighborhood, is more notable for its eclectic stone decorations than for its plants, but green it is nonetheless! Tokyo’s roadsides are always good for a surprise.


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Green Tokyo (10) - Roadside Jungle

What from far looks like a massive overgrown chunk of jungle on the side of a busy street actually turns out to consist of a collection of individual pots of all sizes. Many of the plants present I more think of as houseplants, a fact which probably contributes to the jungly appearance.
I am always amazed how Tokyo residents set up their own piece of jungle somewhere in public space. But if there’s one thing of which there is too little here in Tokyo, it’s green. So keep going, folks!

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Green Tokyo (9) - Urban Farming

These people like to eat their home-grown vegetables. And they grow them with simplest means, from mere styrofoam boxes, making use of every bit of space under the stairs.
How about some fresh tomatoes or egg plants? Next to the window, bitter melons were climbing up in summer. I like the message this arrangement sends: with a little bit of good will, everyone can have fresh vegetables, even if you live in Tokyo, even if you don’t have a garden, and even if you don’t even have a decent pot.

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Green Tokyo (8) - The Succulent Collection

Also this example of urban green in Taito City is a bit on the unusual side. At least for me, it was the first time to find a collection of cacti on the curbside. But I’m all for variety, as long as it’s green!

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Green Tokyo (7) - Curbside Water Gardens

This collection of pots found in our neighborhood in Taito surprised me even more than usual: instead of just the usual flower pots, there are buckets full of water with all sorts of floating plants growing happily in them. (more…)

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Green Tokyo (6) - Japanese Balcony Garden

I was amused to find the standard elements of a formal Japanese garden (see especially the Japanese Maple in the center!) growing out from a balcony in my neighborhood in Taito! In an enormous town like Tokyo, you have to make do with what you got. Good thing these people decided not to renounce to their own Japanese garden.

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Green Tokyo (5) - Mini Hanging Gardens

I liked those cute little plants growing lushly down the window and the wall. They make this street corner look cheerful and serene.
In this Green Tokyo Series I introduce corners of Tokyo in which small patches of green make the concrete jungle more livable.
Recent research shows that people who can look at green plants and nature from their windows can deal better with their life problems. From most windows in Tokyo, no green can be seen. These small efforts of providing greenery by the residents themselves probably help everyone who sees them to preserve a bit of their sanity.

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