The small joys of finally finding some of the foods again I’ve been missing!

Nashi and mikan and Fuji apples –
Fruit juice and pudding and matcha ice cream –
Strawberry chocolates, bean snacks and puddings –
these are a few of my favorite things!


Matcha Latte and Matcha Cake at Starbucks

But it looks like I’m back!

Seats in the Keisei Sky Access Line

So little time and so much to do!

Cute sponges from DAISO (yes, I’m very cleanly)

More to follow…

paper_craft_shinkansen-reffert There are lots of paper craft kits available in Japan, both for sale and to download for free. Some are extremely intricate and the final result looks stunning, but at the same time they look like a lot of time and very steady hands are needed to complete them. Intrigued, I picked up a model that looked easy to do in a toy store – a paper craft Shinkansen. In fact, it is made of light carton, not paper and is fairly large, making the work less finicky.

Kit and instructions

Kit and instructions

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View across the pond at Eikando

View across the pond at Eikando

Winter is maybe not the most popular season to visit Kyoto. It being Kyoto, it is however not hard to find beauty. Of course it’s hard to measure up to the Sakura in bloom at Nanzen-ji’s Sanmon or the blazing maple leaves at Eikando in autumn. In winter, the views are more stark and austere which has its own charm. One definite advantage is that there is no sign of the crowds that ply the sights in spring and autumn.
Sanmon at Nanzen-ji

Sanmon at Nanzen-ji

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Cafe de Miki - Kitty pancake After having gone to one of Japan’s iconic character cafes in Kyoto (the Hello Kitty tea house), we once more paid our respects to Hello Kitty. In the Diver City mall on Odaiba, there is the Cafe de Miki, a British style Hello Kitty Cafe. The British theme is reflected in the decor and also the menu items (a high tea set is on offer). A huge and very sparkling Hello Kitty receives the guests at the entrance and large Kitty plushies are ready to keep them company at the table. Cafe de Miki Continue Reading »

Gundam Revisited

gundam-odaiba3-reffert We’ve gone to see the 18m tall Gundam back in 2009 when it was first put up in Odaiba. But after reading that it will be taken away in March, we felt compelled to visit it another time. While it can only light up and turn its head, it is nonetheless an impressive sight. So if you’re heading to Odaiba in the next two months, take the chance to pay your respects! Continue Reading »

sake-barrel-rooster-reffert Happy New Year to everyone! We have again managed to secure our by now customary tenugui of the year and barrel-shaped sake bottle! We are back in Japan, just in time for the New Year – more posts to come soon!